Page-Turner Picks: Aadujeevitham (Goat Days)

I’m not typically drawn to translations, but occasionally, a compelling recommendation pulls me into the worlds of Kannada, Tamil, or Malayalam literature.

Recently, there was quite a buzz surrounding “Goat Days.” My husband suggested watching the movie, sparking an idea: why not delve into the book first, then compare notes on what the film might have missed? Sounds like a delightful adventure, doesn’t it?”

Aadujeevitham,” penned by Benyamin, is a poignant tale of survival and resilience set against the harsh backdrop of the Middle East. Through the eyes of its protagonist, Najeeb, it explores the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity, offering a compelling narrative of hope and endurance.

The English translation of Aadujeevitham did not disappoint me, and I was able to finish it within two days. There were parts that made me tear up (something that rarely happens to me with books). However, although I’m sure the movie must have done justice to the book, I’ve chosen to delay watching it for now. The narrative’s intensity is just too poignant and emotionally charged to dive into immediately.

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