Ghost Hunter Gaurav Tiwari by Abhirup Dhar and Indian Paranormal Society

Honestly, before picking up this book, I could only vaguely recall the name Gaurav Tiwari or the Indian Paranormal Society. A decade ago, I remember them being a household name and watching them on various shows and news channels. A quick search on the internet told me what an intriguing personality the pioneer of Paranormal Investigations was and what an incredible life he had lived. His untimely demise at a young age was another aspect that urged me to pick up this book. I wanted to know more about the man and what the IPS did.

It took me less than two days to finish this book. While the writing is lucid and effortless, the content shows how much effort the author, Abhirup Dhar, has put into the research of a field where so little is known and accepted.

Seventeen most terrifying investigations conducted by Gaurav Tiwari and his team are narrated in this book showcasing the scientific and empathetic approach the IPS uses as they communicate with unearthly beings and try to learn the reason behind the unrest of the spirits.

One of my favourite investigations is ‘Haunted Basement Parking’ with the spook element at the end. I hoped for such elements in every chapter after that but considering these are real-life incidents, one cannot expect spice in every case. ‘Prithviraj Cemetery and the Lady in White’ was another such tale with an unexpected twist in the middle. Here’s a line from the former chapter that gave me a chill.

The boughs of the trees in the cemetery twisted like contorted bones, writhing in a silent scream. Beneath them lay cold stones, each a dwelling place in which no one was home.

Some of my favourite lines from Gaurav Tiwari

The strongest tool that can treat a person’s brush with the paranormal is a strong belief system. The way we see the world is exactly the way we think about it.

All black magic starts with an intention and is removed with stronger intention. No evil can ever survive the onslaught of positive thoughts.

Overall, a must-read for anyone curious about paranormal investigations and experiences or like me is a fan of the horror genre in general.

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