Dear Readers,

Once again, thank you for the fantastic response to my short story ‘The Mix-up’. This has given me the confidence to start something here, that I’ve been planning for many months now – An Episodic Story.

What is an Episodic Story?

An “episodic narrative” is a story that is told through a series of episodes, or segments. A soap opera on television, for instance, is an episodic program.

How does this work on a blog?

Every week I will post a chapter of the story that will continue the previous week’s chapter. You can identify the sequence from the title and the book cover that will be the featured image of every chapter.

How will you know when a new chapter is posted?

If you’re a subscriber to my blog, you will receive an automatic notification whenever a new post is published. I will also announce it on my Instagram handle.

Can you read it at a later point in time?

Yes, all the chapters will be tied together under the same category -‘The title’. When you click on the category all the chapters posted till date will be available to you in a sequence.

Will this story be available on any other platforms?

No, this story is exclusively for my blog readers.

If you have any more questions, please drop a comment below.

Here’s a sneak peek of the first Episodic Story of this blog!

Episodic Story on by Author Ashwini Shenoy


Sumit is back from a week-long intense snow trek in the Himalayas and is now trudging wearily towards his cosy little home in the Pahari village of Bheemchatti where he has been living alone for the past six months. After several years in an unfulfilling meagre job, Sumit decided to take a break and explore the mountain ranges and Pahari lifestyle of Uttarakashi that he had always wished for.

After the initial months of hardships adjusting to the harsh weather, limited resources and a lifestyle unaided by technology, Sumit is finally at peace with this new life and wonders if he will ever be able to return to his hometown – a sleepy coastal town rapidly succumbing to the relentless pace of development.

Sumit loves the little weathered wooden structure that he calls home. It is at the top of the village from where he can see the whole of Bheemchatti. It is also the closest to the forests above. He calls it his place of solace and retrospection. But what happens when upon return he begins to sense the presence of another being in his house? How does one get rid of the feeling of being watched all the time? the feeling of impending danger with nowhere to run?

Chapter 1 out on 23rd June!

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