Triveni – Darjeeling’s very own Lovers meet

Triveni- As the name suggests, is the confluence of two rivers, the Great Rangeet and the docile mountain stream Teesta on the outskirts of the enticing town of Darjeeling at the Himalayan foothills.

Triveni/ Lover’s point

I encountered this mesmerizing watersmeet on my way to Gangtok from Darjeeling. It was a little after 4:00 pm, in January, when the temperature goes as low as 5 degrees and the place gets completely dark by 6:00 pm. We wanted to reach Gangtok before sunset but things have a way to find us if it is meant to be. With the snow-clad Himalayas as the backdrop and surrounded by lush greenery, this little spot when viewed from a higher level forms a picturesque view that will leave an everlasting image in your mind

In the picture above, the river coming from the left is Rangeet and the river going straight down is Teesta. On the left are the hills of Sikkim and on the right are the hills of Kalimpong. The Great Rangeet is emerald-green in colour while Teesta being a mountain stream appears crystal clear. The two when combined gives birth to a rare shade of blue that leaves one in awe. I took this picture from the Peshoke View Point on the Peshoke road on my way. Right after I finished my freshly made veg Momos and day’s fifth cup of tea from a little shop close by.


Momos and Tea – Darjeeling!

If you get a chance to visit the meeting spot of these two lovers, you will be able to see the white sand delta that is formed by these rivers. This spot is known for its water sports and camping – A place you cannot afford to miss if you love adventures. Both Rangeet and Teesta create foaming white water and stretches with varying rapids that are excellent for rafting for both beginners and seasoned rafters.In short, this is a place you can easily miss if you do not know about its existence beforehand. For the mountain dwellers, who are surrounded with heavenly views on all sides, places like this seem too ordinary and not worth mentioning, further increasing your chances of missing it. So next time you are in Gangtok or Darjeeling, do make it a point to stop by and take in the beauty of Darjeeling’s very own lovers meet!



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